2024 I discovered an voice based app Clubhouse and decided to use it as a platform to interview potters around Australia and sharing insights into the lives of ceramic artists. Think of it as LIVE podcast where you can choose to just listen or join the discussion. 

Every fortnightly on a Tuesday and replays are available to listen below: 

02 Jan 2024 EP00 Clay Chat Debut | Reflection 2023 | Hello 2024 with Host Ruby Yeh (QLD) and Mandy Roe (QLD)

16 Jan 2024 EP01 Inspiration or downright copying in the Arts with Nikki Dowell Ceramics (SA)

30 Jan 2024 EP02 The ups and downs of selling at markets with Box & Ho Pottery (QLD)

13 Feb 2024 EP03 Behind the scenes of an artist collective store "Slowly Made Locals" with Bec English Ceramics (QLD)



27 Feb 2024 EP04 Tools of the trade! Getting creative with pottery tools with Donna Saunders (QLD) and Cindy Tong (VIC)